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Blade is only seventeen years old, but he is the newest- and current- Champion of the Hoenn Region. As the Champion, Blade is said to be the third most powerful trainer in the world, behind only two other Champions: the World Champion, Red, and the wielder of Mega Fusion, Kalos Champion, Owen Plateau (Owen is an Original Character made by El Torro). Blade is also completely blind, making his title as Champion even more well-earned.

Blade first met Will in the Granite Cave on Dewford Island. Will was searching through the cavern for the Champion, not knowing it was Blade, so when he met the Champ, he simply assumed that Blade was an ordinary trainer. After traveling through Granite Cave together, the duo made their way to a large room with a mural depicting the Legendary Pokemon of Hoenn. In that room, Blade revealed to Will that he was the Champion, and they had a battle that ended with Blade winning.

Blade is an Original Character made by ShadowDragon9000 and a rival in Shadow's fanfiction titled, "All Out".

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Gray

Pokemon Edit

1. Bisharp: Edit


2. Pawniard: Edit


3. Metagross: Edit