Blake Ritter-0

Background Information Edit

Blake, a sixteen year old trainer from the Kalos Region, came to Hoenn for a new beginning. Growing up as the youngest in a successful family, Blake was always the weakest. Eager to escape from that, he went to Hoenn with his starter Pokemon, Atlas, a Froakie.

Blake met Will and the group in Petalburg Woods, shortly after catching his second Pokemon, Dario, the Shroomish. After a two versus two battle, Blake accepted Will as both a friend and equal fighter. His Froakie, Atlas, has speed unmatched by any Pokemon Will has ever seen. Blake might be Will's most powerful rival at the Ever Grande Conference. 

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Blonde with Orange Streaks
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 160 pounds

Badges From Last Meeting (Ch. 6) Edit

No Badges available

Pokemon From Last Meeting (Ch. 6) Edit

1. Atlas (Froakie) Edit


2. Dario (Shroomish) Edit