Lily with Mega Necklace

General Information Edit

Lily is a sixteen year old girl that always grew up wanting to compete in Pokemon contests. Unlike her best friend, Will, she was not born in Littleroot Town. Lily was born and lived in Lilycove City until she was eight years old. She and her parents then moved to Littleroot Town when Lily was eight years old, so Lily could avoid 'urban chaos' as her parents said.

With a more mature, responsible attitude than Will, Lily helps to counter her best friend's recklessness. For the most part, Lily is generally pretty level-headed, but when she gets mad, it's best to stay out of her way. Even though she normally seems confident when in large groups, around close friends, Lily isn't afraid to show when she is scared. This shows how much trust she has in her friends.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Weight: 120 pounds

Ribbons Edit

Slateport Ribbon-3

1. Slateport Ribbon:

Earned in: Chapter 20 (Victory's in Hand!)

Pokemon Edit


1. Pikoo (Pichu/Pikachu): Edit

Pikoo was given to Lily by her parents as an egg when she was twelve years old. Since then she hatched him from his egg and has been close friends with her first Pokemon. He and Lily are very close as they've been friends for four years. He evolved when he battled against Angela and Lola. He was never too strong as a Pichu, but since evolving, Pikoo has been showing his strength in difficult battles.

-Obtained in: Prior to Chapter 1 (The Adventure Begins!)

-Evolved in: Chapter 22 (A Rival for the Ribbon!)

2. Kip (Mudkip/Marshtomp): Edit


Kip was given to Lily when she and Will arrived at his laboratory after their first adventure on Route 101. The starter Pokemon evolved in a battle against Aqua leader, Archie, after a long, hard fight. They're shown to have a strong bond, in the form that Lily took a kick from Archie to protect her Pokemon while Kip evolved to protect her. Kip is Lily's strongest Pokemon and is also good with appeals.

-Obtained in: Chapter 1 (The Adventure Begins!)

-Evolved in: Chapter 18 (Aqua Strikes Again!)

-Evolved in:


3. Eve (Eevee): Edit

Eve was given to Lily by the Day Care Owners, Wilfred and Alma, after defeating a group of Magma Grunts that were attacking Wilfred with Will, Natalie, and Nick. Eve, though not one of the strongest of Lily's Pokemon, always does her best when out in battle.

-Obtained in: Chapter 5 (Team Magma Mayhem)

-Evolved in:

4. Flora (Roselia): Edit


After a training battle on Route 110 with Nick, Lily found Flora watching from some nearby trees. After asking the Roselia if she'd want to join her, Lily was pleased to see that Flora wanted to travel with Lily and compete in contests. She is a very strong Pokemon and a key member of Lily's team as she defeated Inferno, Nick's Growlithe, at the Slateport Contest.

-Obtained in: Chapter 19 (A Rose By Any Other Name)

-Evolved in: