General Information Edit

Just after Natalie's sixteenth birthday, the brunette took a ship to the Hoenn Region. She arrived at the docks near Petalburg City, and, with her starter Pokemon, Danny, rushed across the beach until they literally ran into Will and the gang. Now that she is in Hoenn, like Will, Natalie plans on working to become the Champion of the Hoenn region.

Like Will, Natalie can be pretty reckless. She tends to think about her actions more than Will, but could still easily be seen running into a situation thoughtlessly. Natalie is fairly observant and is able to easily read people.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 115 pounds

Badges Edit

Stone badge

1. Stone Badge:

Earned in: Chapter 9 (A Rocky Start!)

Knuckle badge

2. Knuckle Badge:

Earned in: Chapter 15 (A Hit and A Miss)

Dynamo badge

3. Dynamo Badge

Earned in: Chapter 26 (Right Down the Middle!)

Pokemon Edit


1. Danny (Oshawott/Dewott): Edit

Danny came with Natalie to the Hoenn Region from their home region of Unova. He evolved into Dewott during Natalie's second Gym Battle with Brawly. He's Natalie's most powerful Pokemon and as such, he fights in the majority of Natalie's tougher battles. In the battle against Wattson's Manectric, even though he had a severe type disadvantage, Danny fought as hard as he could, showing both Wattson and Manectric both that he and Natalie were able to defeat anyone if they worked together. Danny likes to fight using his scalchops: his own swordsmanship.

-Obtained in: Prior to Chapter 5 (Team Magma Mayhem)

-Evolved in: Chapter 15 (A Hit and A Miss)

-Evolved in:


2. Aurora (Eevee): Edit

Aurora was given to Natalie by the Day Care Owners, Wilfred and Alma, after defeating a group of Magma Grunts that were attacking Wilfred with Lily, Will, and Nick. She hasn't seen battle a lot and, when she does, Aurora tends to lose. That doesn't stop her from giving her all in every battle, though.

-Obtained in: Chapter 5 (Team Magma Mayhem)

-Evolved in:


3. Grace (Mawile): Edit

Grace is a rising star on Natalie's team. She is new to battling outside of the wild, but she's eager to learn. She's shown great strength and seems to like Natalie as shown in the Gym Battle against Brawly. Grace easily defeated Wattson's Magneton during Natalie's third Gym Battle, showing just how powerful she really is.


-Obtained in: Chapter 13 (The Champ's in Town!)

4. Volts (Shinx): Edit

Volts was found on Route 110 battling with Will's Rufflet, Captain. The two fought in the wild, but it hasn't been seen yet if that rivalry has dissolved upon being captured. Volts has a great work ethic, not giving up at during Natalie's Gym Battle with Wattson, even when it looked like he had lost.

-Obtained in: Chapter 21 (The Misadventures of Route 110)

-Evolved in:

-Evolved in: