General Information Edit

Nick came from his home at Iron Island in the Sinnoh Region to Hoenn in the hopes of becoming the newest Top Coordinator. He is sixteen years old, but is oddly mature for his age. Nick always dreamt of becoming Top Coordinator and, now that his Pokemon adventure has begun, he is working extremely hard towards that dream.

With a calm, thoughtful attitude, Nick rarely finds himself in fights. He generally prefers to talk things out rather than brawl. He is a good speaker and can often stop fights with words alone. He isn't a pushover, though. When his back is against the wall, Nick is more than a capable battler. After two quick victories in the contest circuit early on, Nick is seen to be well known in the coordinating world.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Weight: 160 pounds

Ribbons Edit

Dewford Ribbon-0

1. Dewford Ribbon: 

Earned in: Prior to Chapter 3 (Coordinating Competition)

Rustboro Ribbon

2. Rustboro Ribbon:

Earned in: Chapter 11 (A Contest Spectacular!)

Pokemon Edit

1. Sirius (Riolu/Lucario): Edit


Sirius was Nick's first Pokemon from his home region of Sinnoh. Sirius hatched from an egg when Nick was very young. He and Nick are very close friends, so he rarely is in his Pokeball. This, along with their long history together, proves that Sirius and Nick have a very strong bond. Outside of Slateport City, on Route 110, Sirius evolved into a Lucario after a hard battle with Lily and her Eevee, Eve. He is tied with Leif for the right of being Nick's strongest Pokemon and shows his power in every battle.

-Obtained in: Prior to Chapter 3 (Coordinating Competition)

-Evolved in: Chapter 19 (A Rose By Any Other Name)

2. Leif (Treecko/Grovyle): Edit


Nick, after deciding to travel in Hoenn instead of his home region of Sinnoh, met with Professor Birch in Littleroot Town after arriving in Hoenn in Dewford Town. The professor then gave Nick Leif and a Pokedex of his own. Sometime after leaving Ru

stboro City and Slateport City, Leif evolved into to Grovyle.

-Obtained in: Chapter 3 (Coordinating Competition)

-Evolved in: Prior to Chapter 20 (Victory's in Hand!)

-Evolved in:


3. Dusk (Eevee/Umbreon): Edit

Dusk was given to Nick by the Day Care Owners, Wilfred and Alma, after defeating a group of Magma Grunts that were attacking Wilfred with Will, Natalie, and Lily. Sometime before arriving in Slateport City, Dusk evolved into Umbreon. He clearly trusts Nick as part of of an appeal had Dusk running head first into his own Swift attack, according to Nick's plan.

-Obtained in: Chapter 5 (Team Magma Mayhem)

-Evolved in: Prior to Chapter 20 (Victory's in Hand!)


4. Inferno (Growlithe): Edit

Being caught sometime before Slateport City, Inferno has only been seen in one battle. He fought very hard in the final round of the Slateport Contest for Nick, but was unable to defeat Flora and Lily.

-Obtained in: Prior to Chapter 20 (Victory's in Hand!)

-Evolved in: