Will Knight

General Information Edit

Will is a sixteen year old boy from the Hoenn Region. He was born and raised in Littleroot Town, the smallest town in the region. Since he grew up in such a small area, Will always dreamt of becoming a Pokemon trainer and exploring the world in the hopes of becoming a Pokemon Champion. On the day of his sixteenth birthday, that dream became a reality and he began his Pokemon journey.

Will has always been a bit hot-headed and rash, but is also an extremely optimistic person, almost always looking at the bright side of life. Despite being so gung-ho about Pokemon battling, Will is still a decent strategist. He fights as hard as he can in every battle in an attempt to become the strongest trainer ever.

Physical Appearance Edit

  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 165 pounds

Badges Edit

Stone badge
1. Stone Badge

Earned in: Chapter 9 (A Rocky Start!)

Knuckle badge
2. Knuckle Badge

Earned in: Chapter 17 (Redemption)

Dynamo badge
3. Dynamo Badge

Earned in: Chapter 25 (An Electrifying Battle!)

Pokemon Edit

1. Pyro (Torchic/Combusken): Edit


Pyro was Will's first Pokemon, given to him by Professor Birch on Route 101 to battle a wild Poochyena. He evolved into Combusken to help beat Roxanne and win Will's first Gym Battle. Pyro is Will's strongest Pokemon and is often used in tough battles. Wally has commented that even though they haven't been traveling together for long, Will and Pyro already have a powerful bond. Pyro spends a lot of time outside of his Pokeball, at Will's side, showing just how close they are.

-Obtained in: Chapter 1 (The Adventure Begins!)

-Evolved in: Chapter 9 (A Rocky Start!)

-Evolved in:

2. Shadow (Poochyena/Mightyena): Edit


Shadow was the Poochyena Will battled on Route 101 right after receiving Pyro from the professor. He later followed Will to Route 103, where Will caught him after a tough battle against Pyro. During Will's Gym Battle with Wattson, Shadow battled against a Dedenne, who nearly defeated him. Shadow refused to stay down, though, and, just when everyone thought he'd lost, stood back up. He then evolved into Mightyena and won the battle for Will. Shadow is a very reliable Pokemon whom Will trusts to always do his best in difficult battles.

-Obtained in: Chapter 2 (A New Pokemon!)

-Evolved in: Chapter 25 (An Electrifying Battle!)

3. Ella (Eevee): Edit


Ella was given to Will by the Day Care Owners, Wilfred and Alma, after defeating a group of Magma Grunts that were attacking Wilfred with Lily, Natalie, and Nick. Ella is a very innocent Pokemon that is glad to have a good, caring trainer. She battles as hard as she can, but hasn't won many battles.

-Obtained in: Chapter 5 (Team Magma Mayhem)

-Evolved in:

4. Mage (Abra/Kadabra): Edit


Mage was a native of Granite Cave when he met Will, who at the time was speaking to the Champion, Blade, about Mega Evolution. Will, depressed about his loss to Brawly at the time, wanted to train, and Mage was more than willing to help. After a battle with Ella, he allowed Will to catch him. He has a lot potential to be a very powerful battler. While battling Wally's Kirlia outside of the Mauville City Gym, Mage showed his determination in battle by not giving up, even when he was hurt. He evolved mid-battle and successfully defeated Kirlia, letting Will win their battle.

-Obtained in: Chapter 16 (Back to the Drawing Board)

-Evolved in: Chapter 23 (Psyched Up!)

-Evolved in:

5. Captain (Rufflet): Edit


Captain was found battling on Route 110 with Natalie's Shinx, Volts. The two fought in the wild, but it hasn't been seen yet if that rivalry has dissolved upon being captured. Captain has been show to be somewhat arrogant in his battle style, but still fights for Will without hesitation.

-Obtained in: Chapter 21 (The Misadventures of Route 110)

-Evolved in: